The lie

Someday youll come to terms with it
It will hit you inside a bus,
while traveling to meet some people you haven't seen in a while
It will hit you in the face,
right on your human nature.

Then the bus will crash
and the dying driver will tell you to get out,
he will tell you
"you don't need all this shit" he will say, "shit",
but you are so stubborn.
Life hasn't been what you were expecting, has it?
You feel no word can describe what you feel.
That not one of all those books have ever talked about it.

But they have.
All those pages and all those words have been telling you everything,
have told everything you have experienced and will experience.
They told you that you are unique, didn't they?
You believed them.
You think you are unique, but the flock is too big.

Yes, you don't believe me,
yes, you want it all to be your way.
You want to walk alone, forever, but you will find us all walking the same direction.
More than that, you will find yourself following the train lines right next to the person next to you.

You can run on for a long time.
It will catch up with you while you run around trying to grab all those chances
you never got the time to catch.

Then you will try to go back to the crash, because, you think,
there will be the answer. But look around you. You never left that bus and will never ever leave it.

It wont be clear, it is never clear,
but it will hurt.
It will hurt so much.
You will want to get rid of it.
Hide it somewhere.
But someday, some tragedy will happen,
doesnt matter if it is an earquake, or a fire, or AIDS, or that your daughter is a lesbian and your son a serial killer and your wife is a poor man's wife.
Maybe a tree in your garden will fall, making a lot of noise so you hear it, on your house, crashing your house to pieces so you can dig in the debris and dust to find
it laying there. Just there.
You will try to go out and tell everyone you've found it,
but they will all be shouting it,
and not a single soul listening.
Not even you.

And no one you can speak to will ever listen.
Beautiful, isn't it?

Wait... what?
sorry, i didn't listen...
I never do.

Why, you may be wondering,
Why do I know all of this?
Simple, i know because it is in me, the same way it is in you,
implanted in all of us before we were even born.
Before before was born. It cares for us and keeps us on our toes, it is the gravity newton discovered for us and nietzsche warned us about.

It was developed by us to be our voice, our own personal shared voice.
To treason our kind and keep us tied.

I hate to tell you it is not an ilusion, it is just a lie.
A deliberately forged lie.

Muy cerquita

Hace unos dias Ravi me mando un tutorial para hacer esto:


Mi ojo

Cepillo de Dientes



Basicamente pones el lente al reves y ya estas.

unspent gold 2

oh you, unspent gold.
your burden is your wisdom,
the knowledge that
infinite doesn't exist.

oh gold,
so worthless yet fruitful,
eaten by the chosen people,
for being turned into an idol,
abandoned in the destert,
better yet, shat,
defecated on the sand you
But wait so proud and pure.

cannot shine to show them,
cannot shine to blind them.

consume yourself,
become the axis,
glow in the darkness.
Stay there,
in the caves of song,
where light doesn't shine.
Suffer for it,
because you don't need it.

new hobby

Turning hopelessness into fun!

la foto es de san

No hay Osos en Africa

to the unspent gold

Still buried, forever buried,
paying for all our sins,
waiting to be touched.
Like an unwitting penitent.

Dancing Teeth

Only terry gilliam would have known where the human race was heading.


I can't fight the urge to lay back and let all that can go wrong go wrong.


"We are not too far behind", said him.
"Behind who?", asked her
"Behind the human race".

La raza sola

Lanzen sus monedas al aire
que somos inmunes al caos.
Somos una nueva especie
de la especie humana,
una especie indetectable,
somos la raza sola.

Nosotros no caemos,
o mejor:
estamos cayendo
todo el tiempo,
pero fondo nunca.
Nunca tocamos fondo.

Somos el ave que nunca baja,
la piedra indetectable
en el fondo del pantano.
La piedra de rio
que no se mueve,
que solo se desgasta.

Sus verbos son nuestros sustantivos,
sus emociones nuestro reflujo,
su ciencia nuestro papel de baño,
creemos mucho, pero no en todo.
Su fin es nuestro fin,
su desecho es nuestro alimento.

Y cuando todo baje,
cuando el fondo toque fondo,
estaremos ahi,
riendonos de su diarrea,
llorando por nuestro vomito.
(porque somos debiles)
Somos la raza sola.
Voy a conseguir una maquina del tiempo y voy a regresar a reemplazar todo el petroleo del mundo por licuados, frescos y malteadas.

Guerras por leche banana y hielo en medio oriente.

Luego voy a ir y darle a todos un sape o cachetada o coscorron justo antes de que tomen la peor decision de su vida.

No va a hacer ninguna diferencia.

Tal vez tambien decida eliminar los ventiladores y el unicel.

Ahi si que se compone todo.

Nicaragua me comio la lengua

Hay momentos en que incluso Nicaragua tiene que soltar las armas y poner sus manos a buscar de donde viene ese viento y esa sal.

Aqui son los poetas los que terminan dictaduras. El pueblo el que empieza las guerras.

En todos lados se busca lo mismo.

All the ones that observe.

There are times when you can't play, you can't move. Most of the time is that time.
Once in a lifetime -short, short- you can.
It's only once and most people don't even detect the moment. Most of them think they are choosing right now, all the time. But when the time comes, they just keep themselves still, or sleep, or watch tv.
I'm not saying I'm different, but november 23th, 21:24, sounds like a good time.

El Nevado de Toluca (4640 metros).

La mejor caminata de 2 horas en este país:

Dicen que antes de perder la mitad de su masa en una brutal explosión Estromboliana, hace mas de 10mil años, era la montaña mas alta de México. La indigna Toluca quedó enteramente cubierta de mineral volcanico.


i am an enemy of everything that stands by itself.

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay

For all those who may arrive to think that I don't have any interest in metaphysics. Greeks had it all figured out, and yet we try to get ahead them:

My problem lies more in the means.
i'm tired of humanism, even science should stop being so self-relective, us humans are very much lame.
I have achieved more deepness than all of your internet quotes together, and believe me, it's not worth it.

We told you

There will come a time when everything bad you have been warned about will happen and nobody will be there to tell you they had warned you about it. You may think that is a good thing, but it is not. You will need explanations, yes you will, really need them, and you will not get them. It will not be nice at all.

sobre la propiedad privada

Parece que nadie la entiende. Que es algo relativo es innegable, pero aun así, todos hablan de ella. Más que nada se les olvida que no basta con definirla, no en este caso. Como he dicho mil veces: tal vez solo soy yo. Igual, el que pueda, que me lo aclare. ¿Puig tal vez?
no queria decir que tus rios llevan agua sucia, pero llevan, y no esta chido., deja de echarle y de veras que se limpia solo.

"The Wizard" de Marc Bolan and T. Rex

El alma de Devendra Banhart nació con esta canción:


You get it when the best soccer player in mexico gets shot because he was drinking at some morning hours when he should be sleeping, in a place where nobody was supposed to be (don´t even mind the drinking); and he is supposed to die but does not, the bullet even remains in his skull; and everyone is talking about it when we clearly do not need to. Why is soccer still in this country?


I want to meet the monopolizer all evil, urges of destruction and egoism. That would be the real redeemer and the true martyr.