The lie

Someday youll come to terms with it
It will hit you inside a bus,
while traveling to meet some people you haven't seen in a while
It will hit you in the face,
right on your human nature.

Then the bus will crash
and the dying driver will tell you to get out,
he will tell you
"you don't need all this shit" he will say, "shit",
but you are so stubborn.
Life hasn't been what you were expecting, has it?
You feel no word can describe what you feel.
That not one of all those books have ever talked about it.

But they have.
All those pages and all those words have been telling you everything,
have told everything you have experienced and will experience.
They told you that you are unique, didn't they?
You believed them.
You think you are unique, but the flock is too big.

Yes, you don't believe me,
yes, you want it all to be your way.
You want to walk alone, forever, but you will find us all walking the same direction.
More than that, you will find yourself following the train lines right next to the person next to you.

You can run on for a long time.
It will catch up with you while you run around trying to grab all those chances
you never got the time to catch.

Then you will try to go back to the crash, because, you think,
there will be the answer. But look around you. You never left that bus and will never ever leave it.

It wont be clear, it is never clear,
but it will hurt.
It will hurt so much.
You will want to get rid of it.
Hide it somewhere.
But someday, some tragedy will happen,
doesnt matter if it is an earquake, or a fire, or AIDS, or that your daughter is a lesbian and your son a serial killer and your wife is a poor man's wife.
Maybe a tree in your garden will fall, making a lot of noise so you hear it, on your house, crashing your house to pieces so you can dig in the debris and dust to find
it laying there. Just there.
You will try to go out and tell everyone you've found it,
but they will all be shouting it,
and not a single soul listening.
Not even you.

And no one you can speak to will ever listen.
Beautiful, isn't it?

Wait... what?
sorry, i didn't listen...
I never do.

Why, you may be wondering,
Why do I know all of this?
Simple, i know because it is in me, the same way it is in you,
implanted in all of us before we were even born.
Before before was born. It cares for us and keeps us on our toes, it is the gravity newton discovered for us and nietzsche warned us about.

It was developed by us to be our voice, our own personal shared voice.
To treason our kind and keep us tied.

I hate to tell you it is not an ilusion, it is just a lie.
A deliberately forged lie.

Muy cerquita

Hace unos dias Ravi me mando un tutorial para hacer esto:


Mi ojo

Cepillo de Dientes



Basicamente pones el lente al reves y ya estas.