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The project had not been approved by the council. Even with all the precautions taken, the Minister of the Survivors Council said, traveling back in time was too risky. But the war could be avoided, the two young men had argued, they believed they could save the human race.

All those years working inside that little bunker, the boys cried, the sweat and the effort of working with a weakened bone structure, lacking sunlight, living underground. They had wasted their lives.

They tried to convince them. In 50 years, there wouldn’t be a human left. Even if the worst happened, even if they collapsed the universe, it was worth a try. Humanity would sacrifice so little: a precarious, short and unhealthy life inside a hole.

The old men of the Council took a decision and were not going to change their minds. The technology was not ready. With their means, only a single trip could be made, no way back. What if they failed?

But even the Council (a group of decadent old scientists) knew their law had no authority at that point. The trip was going to happen and they couldn’t make anything to stop it.

The two young men left. It wasn’t an hour before word reached the men of the Council. No one understood. If the boys had changed the past, why were they still there? It made no sense.

They discussed for years. All sorts of theories were made.

Eventually, all of them died.

Earth was a dead, cold and lifeless place. Some more years passed, perhaps decades. Suddenly, a weird spaceship landed on the surface. Two people in strange suits got off. They walked for some time and then got back into the ship.

Two shots were fired, for no one to hear. The rest was silence.

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