Inside is nowhere

You know I tried to knock, the place was vast, still there was no door. Many times before I heard there was a door, some sort of cave or ocean I had to get in. Treasures to be found they said, truths. Truths in myself. Again there was nothing but land, and some walls. Walls with nothing on the other side but the other side. Sometimes there was something written on them, as to trick me that someday there would be a door.

Still no door. Its not funny, people tend to do that, think its funny or cool, to tear down walls to build other walls with the walls they tore down. You may think its a new wall but you are wrong. They just mess with you. People will frecuently do that, mess with me, and with you. They sometimes dig some holes in the land, deep holes to get in; to make you believe you're inside, to impress you with their strength. But I believe no one is strong. Its the believing all we have, thats why walls and holes work.

Inside is nowhere.

Some believe the first one, the one that built the first wall, that he was right.

We believed it made sense, at least inside ourselves.

Inside is nowhere.

You have all the land for yourself, to walk freely, if freedom means anything. Anyway, believe it, believe you are free to move around, just make sure you don't crash with some strange wall, even this wall.

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