the dentist of absolute truth

There was once a dentist who needed attention,
he found himself hating bad breath.
Moments came when he wished
his teeth forever to be washed
to the killer knowledge that was yet to be found.

He grabbed his things,
his dentist instruments,
and hid himself from his family and friends.

One by one he watched each tooth,
analized it.
Qne by one he savagely extracted them.
Threw them in a bucket next to him,
a really nice yellow bucket now full of blood and teeth.

He soon trashed it away.
As soon as that...
He reached conclusions
that made him think
that he was being silly.
As soon as that repentance came.

He found the tooth and made a denture,
an almost false denture that worked alright,
just before he came to know,
that silly he was, and silly was all.

He now runs a weird business,
that takes your teeth and replaces them,
with very witty (sometimes sad) dentures
that answer to the owners personality,
if any.

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